Eat, Pray, Spend…

12 Aug

Priv-Lit and the New Enlightened American Dream, by Joshuna Sanders of Bitch Magazine.

I fell in love with this article half way through the first sentence. As a twenty-something woman I’ve often felt the pressure to live up to some kind of happiness ideal that is difficult, if not impossible, to attain. I’ve heard of the Eat, Pray, Love book but I’ve never had any real desire to read it. Self-help books have never interested me because of the whole “one size fits all” approach.

The article in Bitch magazine goes beyond the skin-deep to get at the heart of the wellness movement, and quite simply, the article surmises that the movement has no heart. It’s based upon dollar signs and consumerism, exploiting people’s (and mostly women’s) insecurities and promising everlasting happiness for an exorbitant fee.

One thing I’ve discussed with colleagues of mine is this notion of selfishness. The wellness culture’s foundation is based upon self-fulfillment through focusing on “you” and disregarding the kinds of gratification that come from serving others. Also, the wellness culture is anti-family, anti-marriage/partnership, and most definitely anti-children. Afterall, why would you focus any of your energy on maintaining a healthy marriage or raising children or caring for an ailing parent? That only serves to diffuse energy away from yourself and “jeopardize” your eternal happiness.

Consumerism seems to be the new religion of America and it’s troubling. Even more troubling is that with women’s increasing financial independence comes the increasing tendency for women to squander it away on useless crap, by buying into this selfish, consumer-driven culture that lacks substance and depth and real meaning. In conclusion, wellness is crap.


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