PETA: Animal Rights at the Price of Women’s Progress.

20 Jul

PETA really really pisses me off. 

It’s not their cries that Ben & Jerry’s needs to start using human breast milk to make ice cream because milking cows is somehow inhumane, and it’s not even the fact that some members go to the fanatical extreme of throwing blood on fur coats. Really, that’s kinda my sick idea of entertainment. What does piss me off is this: 

Because Carving Up Women Makes For Great Political Symbolism. has a great post about how women, and more specifically, feminists (which are not exclusive to women) have been fighting for nearly half a century to see an end to the association between women and meat. Thanks to PETA and Pamela Anderson, the link blazes on, which is both disheartening and enraging. The article also makes reference to the horribly misogynistic hustler magazine cover of 1978. 

Because Mutilating Women is Entertaining. You Didn't Know this?


Pam Anderson makes a good point when she says she has every right to use her body in such a way as to promotes good-intentioned political ends. And I agree. It’s not the overt sexuality expressed in the PETA ad that annoys me. Sexual expression is good. It’s the tired old objectification scenarios that make me roll my eyes and sigh in disappointment. 

For all of PETA’s progressive messages, the misogyny, sexism and degradation they attempt to pass off as legitimate activism makes me cringe. I guess the real message is “Animal Rights at the price of Women’s Rights.” And it would seem, sadly enough, that PETA will continue to run these types of ads as long as people continue to support their organization. 

What they perhaps fail to consider is that most animal rights activists are also women’s rights activists. I never took a marketing class in college but that’s probably not what I would call “good strategy”. 

And with that, I conclude my rant for the day.


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