The Nation- Women on Top

29 Jun

Katha Pollit writes a phenomenal op-ed in the Nation which illustrates quite candidly my thoughts on “The End of Men” article. And to reiterate my original sentiments: while I’m overjoyed that women are enjoying greater economic and social success, the playing field between the sexes is hardly level. No, it will be several generations before girls will truly experience an egalitarian society.

“American males are bathed from birth in pop culture that reveres the most childish, most retrograde, most narcissistic male fantasies, from misogynistic rap to moronic action movies. Where would they get the idea that they should put away the video game and do their homework? That social work or schoolteaching is a good life for a man? Girls get a ton of sexist messages, too. But even if they grow up hating their bodies and dressing like prostitutes, they know that if they don’t want to end up waitressing, they’ve got to hit the books and make a plan.”

When I was growing up, college was my only option. While my brothers could make a decent living with only a high school education, I was well aware that I could either marry and spend my life in service to some man, or I could get an education, forge a career and garner financial independence. I am so thankful I chose the latter.


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