The Nation: Mama Grizzlies to Working Moms: Drop Dead.

18 Jun

This whole Palin-esque “mama grizzlies” phenomena sweeping the nation is, from a progressive feminist standpoint, a giant crock of you-know-what. I have many friends, colleagues and family members who identify themselves as conservatives and I respect their well-informed opinions regarding fiscal responsibility, financial reform, taxation, etc. But what I have yet to understand is this giant push by the GOP to appeal to women’s lib through what can be characterized by nothing other than “anti-woman” policies.

This article in The Nation does an excellent job of illustrating exactly how anti-woman the GOP is becoming. By slashing funding for essential programs like education and child care assistance, the GOP is forcing women to either go on welfare or resign themselves to dependence upon a male breadwinner. By not giving women the tools and support they need to progress economically, the GOP is remaining a party that represents big business interests and white males who earn a quarter million dollars per year or more.

While I rejoice in the idea that “the year of the woman” has produced so much political progress for women candidates, this seemingly positive event could have very grave consequences for women, and more specifically, working women.

“That being said, it’s maddening that a party that has resisted every advance of feminism and undermined women’s economic strength at every turn now claims to embody ‘the overall triumph of the women’s movement,'”

It reminds me of a sad fact: one of the greatest impediments to women’s liberation is not men, but in fact other women.


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