NYT Opinionator: Bernstein on The Very Angry Tea Party

15 Jun

I came across this article yesterday about the tea party and I can’t seem to get it off my mind. Bernstein’s analysis is absolutely spot-on and the style of his writing, while dense, is extremely eloquent. This in particular struck me:

“The opposing metaphysical claim, the one I take to be true, is that the very idea of the autonomous subject is an institution, an artifact created by the practices of modern life: the intimate family, the market economy, the liberal state. Each of these social arrangements articulate and express the value and the authority of the individual; they give to the individual a standing she would not have without them.” (3)

 I like Berstein’s analysis. No one likes to admit they are a product of their environment; instead they like to believe they possess the power to control the environment in which they live. Americans are very much about the control and the tea party especially. The entire premise behind this “faux Libertarian” movement is the idea of citizens regaining control of big bad government. This common myth that government is out to get the people and can never be a force for positive change, only bad, is grossly false. While I maintain that government is not exempt from its share of corruption and greed and mistakes, it’s still largely good. The sources of corruption in modern-day society that I see, does not come from any administration or governing body, but instead from big business, corporate America, and all the other money-slinging heavyweights in Washington, or in other words, they very people who fund the Tea Party movement.


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